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Hi, I'm Viva.

vi • va // live, long live

Pronounced V•EYE•VA not VEEVA

If you said my name wrong in your head, then welcome to the club! My name is Viva and it’s so great to unofficially meet you.

Born and raised in sunny Arizona,  I met my husband in college on the beaches of San Diego.  We lived a spontaneous first year of marriage in New York where we had our first baby, and then decided it was time to reside in the great state of Texas. That’s where you can find us playing on the trampoline, watching Moana for the 100th time, and saying our nightly family Rosary. 


Although I grew up in a Catholic household, I never knew the faith very well until I went off to college. It’s not that I was a rebellious teen, I just never knew how much more there was to it than attending Mass on Sundays. God never let me stray too far. It was by His grace that he gifted me a love for acting. He planted a desire in me to move to California and study my craft at a small Catholic school where I met a tall, dark, and handsome man. That man showed me what a relationship with Jesus could look like, and I never looked back. My dreams took a full 180º. I always told myself that becoming a famous actress was my only life goal, that I wouldn’t get married until I was *maybe* in my 30’s.  

It’s clear the Lord had other plans. 

So, here we are… Married in my 20’s  with three kids and using all of my theatrical talents to put on crazy dances and practice empathy with my babies.

What a dream come true it has been!


A dream come true indeed, which only happened when I said “yes” to His will. That’s when my life came alive. You know, I always thought my name gave me a lot to live up to, but it turns out it’s always been a reminder of how to live: with eyes toward Heaven and a joyful “yes”!

Whether it's through personal training, getting real about motherhood, laughing at ourselves, or rambling about our passions, I hope you know there is a space for you here. Let's learn how to live a vivacious life, together. 

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