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Postpartum Round 2

Hey friends. It's me again, talking about babies and postpartum life once more! What else would I be writing about?

It's no secret I love talking about these experiences. Elijah is 6 months old today (I KNOW-- where did the time go!?) so I figured this was the perfect time to finally share this postpartum experience. I'm laughing. Y'all, I started writing this when he was 6 months old...and here we are 5 months later and he’s already almost a year old!


In his birth story blog, I hinted that the ease of his birth was divinely appointed. That couldn't be more true. You know, I'm not even sure where to start...but it all started in that hospital room.

We woke up the second morning of our hospital stay groggy and joyful (as any parent does after just giving birth). Unfortunately, Chase was feeling under the weather and for the next day and a half decided to stay in his own little corner, avoiding Eli and I just to be safe. He thought he had c*vid, but I thought "no way! We tested negative!". As nurses popped in an out, they consulted him to just stay in the corner and not get tested at the hospital. If he did, we'd have an astronomical bill OR he'd have to leave us completely, or both. So, in his tiny corner he remained. Friday morning came and we were discharged. Chase was feeling and looking horrible (no offense babe, you know you're handsome) so we got him a test on the way home. That came back downright positive.

With Carlina and my parents sick on their own and Chase also coming down with the *vid, I walked into our new house with my sweet newborn Eli and began one of the most grueling weeks of my life. Chase immediately quarantined himself on our upstairs floor and I settled into the bottom half on the couch, setting up postpartum and newborn necessities every where I could. Mom diapers? In each bathroom. Ice water? Near the couch, next to our bed, and in the kitchen. Baby stuff? All over. Groceries? We had what we could delivered. I cooked our meals and laid them on the bottom step of the stairs for Chase to pick up as he needed. Thankfully, as we messaged friends and family, food began to show up nearly every day and if you had any hand in that, just know how much I love and appreciate you, seriously.

The first week postpartum was really tough. If you've ever given birth, then you know how hard it can be. I've never been very good at holding back complaints or not leaning into the "woe is me". That first week, however, when I was all alone with no help to take care of myself, my baby or my husband, something changed. I looked for every opportunity to be grateful. He couldn't latch? I got his tongue ties snipped *hooray*. I wasn't producing any breastmilk? I got into a lactation consultant immediately *yippee*. I didn't have food? Friends and family delivered *applause*. I was alone? I had newborn cuddles all to myself. I was anxious? His pediatrician listened and calmed my nerves. My husband was cooped up

upstairs? I realized what a big role he plays as a father and how much he loves his children.

Sure, I felt so proud of doing this all on my own. I really was superwoman. Yet, as great as that unexpected confidence felt, I became so grateful for the people God has placed in our lives to love and support us. I needed them and even though they couldn't physically be there, they showed up in any way they could.

By the end of that first week, my parents were able to bring Carlina over and help out some. Chase was cleared by a doctor to be able to help as well a few days later, and we all stayed cooped up with each other for the next week until quarantine was officially over.

That first month was filled with challenges. From family hardships, breastfeeding disappointments, sleepless nights, to the craziest Texas snowstorm, it seemed like one thing came after another. It was not the postpartum I was used to or expecting. But, as I said in the beginning, I looked back at my birth experience and realized why it was so blessed. I needed my strength, my energy and sanity to be able to handle all that was thrown at me that first week and those that followed.

I guess I’m finally writing this all to document the insane whirlwind that was Elijah’s first month of life. We look back and laugh on it now, thinking of all the graces that were poured out onto us. Even though this took me almost a year to put into writing, I know I’ll look back on these memories with thankfulness and fondness forever!

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1 Comment

Nov 16, 2021

This is a very neat story and let’s admit it when you are not Abel to get help because of coved in the family you have the strength and common sense to be able to get through anything.. My dad would always tell me where there is a problem you can get through it because your faith is there..

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