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A Catholic Father's Day Gift Guide 2021

Like I said in my last gift guide, shopping for gifts isn't always easy and if you're anything like me, you overthink it until the last second. I've always found shopping for the men in my life to be extra difficult. They never seem to want anything and when my husband finally mentions something in passing, I forget to write it down and it disappears into Neverland, never to be seen or heard from again.

If you happen to find yourself in a similar situation, then I hope this gift guide helps!

I'm not going to bombard you with a thousand options (that's what Google is for, right?). This list is simple, to the point, and filled with gifts that we own & love.

Happy shopping, and Happy Father's Day!


For the Studious Man-Cave:

CORDA Candles: Holy Men Collection

Okay, my CORDA candle collection is growing and it might be my favorite gift to give at the moment! I know we don't always think of a candle for men, but this particular collection would be great for a father's study, office, prayer room, etc.

The Catholic Woodworker: St. Thomas Aquinas Home Altar

There are other Saints to choose from as well, but this home altar sits perfectly on my husband's desk and has been such a great gift. One of his friends surprised him with it and it is a great study and prayer companion.

If the man you're shopping for is anything like my husband, then a book collection that offers continual study and growth in the faith is a great gift. If he loves to learn, I would highly recommend something from a Word on Fire collection. My husband has his Master's in Theology and buys these books to read for fun. They're a great resource to have on hand!

A Working Man's Prayer Companions:

I featured this shop in my Mother's Day guide as well because I find her work so simple and beautiful. These prints are perfect for an office in the home, at work, of hung in a prayer space.

The Catholic Woodworker: Handmade Wooden Pocket Rosary

A man's weapon of choice? The rosary, obviously! These are sturdy, beautifully made pocket rosaries. My husband clipped his to his keys. They make a great reminder to pray on the commute to and from work, or anywhere else they might be in need of a rosary!

Legacy Icons: Pocket Diptych

Whenever someone asks us where to find iconography, we always recommend Legacy! This pocket diptych currently sits on our stove, but it's the perfect size to keep anywhere and to take everywhere. Elevate any space for prayer with this beautiful piece.

The Well-Groomed Father:

As a wife whose husband constantly rocks a beard, I say to get some balm no matter what haha. If you love to smell your babies head after Baptism, get him the Chrism. Now you can smell his beard 24/7! These balms all smell so yummy and they're all faith-inspired scents which is awesome. This would be the perfect addition to any gift you give!

Sock Religious: Catholic-Inspired Socks

These. Are. Fantastic. Chase has a few pairs and he always gets compliments on them. They're the perfect addition to elevate a Sunday Mass suit, don't you think?!

The Always-Sippin-On-Something Dad:

If he is a drink connoisseur, let him be a connoisseur with the Saints, too!

Mystic Monk Coffee: French Press Travel Mug

Now if he's a bit of a coffee snob (I don't like that word but, you know what I mean) this travel mug is going to be a hit! A French press travel mug? Yep! And it works like a charm!

That's all I've got for you, friends! Let me know in the comments if you try any of these gift ideas!

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